Choosing NLH™ Training

Special Message from Suzanne Myers, Founder, Trainer, Next Level Horsemanship™

“If I could not train my own horse, who would I have train it?”

This is a question Suzanne Myers, M.S., Ph.D., founder of NLH™, often asks herself.

“I would seek a professional who is balanced in their approach to training,” she says. “Someone with high expectations for results but with the patience to know that results take time to develop. I’d seek someone who is open minded to new concepts, who is committed to always learning more.

“I’d look for someone who spans disciplines and breeds and who, in their approach to training, supports the horse by using techniques that set him up for success.

“Most of all, I would look for someone who at the end of the day is not afraid to lay some loving hands on their horse to reassure them and build their confidence for the next go-round.”

“These are the qualities that I want people to see in me,” she continues. “This describes how I and my training staff aspire to be.”

I oversee the progress of every horse who enters NLH™ training” explains Suzanne.  Each member of the NLH™ team is educated in horsemanship upholds my standards of excellence in training.

“When you bring your special horse to NLH™ for training, the NLH™ team is committed to making your horse’s training experience positive and successful according to your goals, and to enhancing your horsemanship skills to develop the communication, training and relationship between you and your horse.

We will maintain the natural spirit within each and every horse. That is our commitment to you.”

Are you and your horse ready for NLH™ training?

Do you want Partnership and Performance like never before?

Your dream horse is the one you have now…with NLH™ training, it can be true!

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