About Suzanne

With combined experience in academia and horsemanship, Suzanne Myers, M.S., Ph.D., founder of Next Level Horsemanship™, is a unique talent in the equine industry today.

From colt starting to finish work, to gentling and training wild mustangs and other feral breeds, Suzanne Myers has over 25 years of professional experience training horses.  Suzanne has been a competitor in many equine events including AQHA and NRHA sanctioned events, and is a former licensed exercise rider for the Thoroughbred racing industry.

“Next Level Horsemanship™”

Suzanne developed Next Level Horsemanship™, a training program with a strong emphasis on maximizing partnership & performance through knowledge of equine behavior; and educates students on the importance of timing, feel and balance for advanced horsemanship. Elements of classical and natural horsemanship prevail in this training. Horses and riders have been trained from throughout the United States.

“Midwest Mustang Challenge Winner”

In 2008 Suzanne won the prestigious Midwest Mustang Challenge, Madison, WI, competing with 56 of the nation’s top horse trainers. She was the FIRST WOMAN to win the Mustang Heritage Foundation sponsored event in which trainers had just 90 days to gentle, start and prepare a wild mustang for competition and freestyle performances. The techniques of her Next Level Horsemanship™ program proved successful with Jazz, a wild mustang, and are just as successful with all breeds.

Jazz, the mustang who shared the honor with Suzanne, is now a member of the NLH family…Suzanne successfully bid on him after the competition. “We were thrilled to bring Jazz home again with us,” says Suzanne. “He is a real champion, and an example of success of the Next Level Horsemanship training program.” Read more about Suzanne and Jazz. (connect this line to “For the Love of Jazz” on the website)

With the Mustang Heritage Foundation, Suzanne continues her involvement as an official trainer of the mustangs and as a volunteer spokesperson for the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to promote the successful adoption of this all-American breed.

In 2009, her then 9 year old daughter, Brooke, and two Next Level Horsemanship™ assistant trainers, took three top ten finishes from over 100 competitors at the Extreme Mustang Makeover, Eastern Stampede competition in Murfreesboro, TN…her daughter, Brooke, was honored with Reserve Champion with her Mustang, Jacuzzi. Read more about Brooke and Jacuzzi. (connect this line to “Brooke and Jacuzzi” on the website)

“NLH Clinics, Demonstrations, Seminars”

Next Level Horsemanship™ clinics, demonstrations, and seminars have been scheduled at  some of the largest Expos in the country, including Equine Affaire, MA; Midwest Horse Fair, WI; Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo, Indiana; The Horse World Expo, PA and the Farm Show, the largest of its kind in the world, Harrisburg, PA, just to name a few. Hands-on training clinics involving participants are also scheduled throughout the year both at the NLH™ facility and other host locations.

“Equine Masters Challenge”

Suzanne is also the producer of the Equine Masters Challenge, a new and unique multi-disciplinary competition designed to test competitors’ horsemanship skills, versatility and equestrian savvy.  The Equine Masters Challenge is an in-depth equine competition that includes, horsemanship, versatility challenges, team building tests, obstacles, and freestyle performances with an entertaining and informative game show flare.  “This Challenge is uniquely designed to showcase the abilities of riders and their horses.  It’s a lot of fun to participate in or to watch,” says Suzanne.

“About Suzanne”

Educated at The Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, Suzanne has a Doctorate Degree in Pathobiology, a Master’s Degree in Veterinary Science, and a B.S. in Animal Production.  Suzanne is a former faculty member and section head at the Pennsylvania State University’s Animal Diagnostic Laboratory.   She has worked extensively in applied diagnostics and research with an emphasis on equine immunology and infectious diseases.  Suzanne has published several peer-reviewed articles, presented at many national venues including The Annual Conference for Research Workers in Animal Disease and The American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians. Read more about equine science and research in “Equi-Source”. (connect this to “Equi-Source” on the website)

Suzanne has been involved in various equine research and education initiatives and  has recently partnered with Penn State University to provide hands on opportunities for students to further their understanding of equine behavior and training, through an exciting and educational university externship program at Next Level Horsemanship™. “The students are very excited about the externship program with NLH™,” Suzanne explains.  “It’s a great opportunity for them to learn an entirely fresh approach to training horses.  They get a variety of experiences from hands-on training, to farm management, marketing and promotion.  They really get to see how an understanding of horse behavior is critical to being an effective handler and what the real possibilities are with true horsemanship.”

Suzanne and her husband, Glenn, and daughter, Brooke, reside in Port Matilda, PA.

Recent Awards

2008 Midwest Mustang Challenge Winner, Madison, WI

Over 50 (56) trainers from across the country take 90 days to gentle, train and compete in both in-hand and riding courses, as well as a free-style event with a randomly assigned wild mustang. Mustangs are virtually untouched. First woman to win this Challenge.

2009 Mustang Magic Challenge

Top 10 Finalist, Fort Worth, TX

2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover, Eastern Stampede, Murfreesboro, TN

Three top-10 finishes for Next Level Horsemanship™ trainers, including Reserve Grand Champion in youth division for then 9 year old, Brooke Myers, daughter of Suzanne and Glenn Myers.

Clinics, Expos, Presentations
Equine Affaire, Springfield, MA
Hoosier Horse Fair and Expo, Indianapolis, IN
Mid-West Horse Fair, Madison, WI
Horse World Expo, Harrisburg, PA
Pennsylvania Farm Show, Harrisburg, PA

Next Level Horsemanship™
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