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Next Level Horsemanship™ welcomes you to become a part of the winning team! If you are serious about learning horsemanship from the ground up and want to pursue a career as a trainer or handler apply for a Next Level Horsemanship™ internship or apprenticeship position today.

Next Level Horsemanship™ Interns:

John Zanella

John Zanella was recently retired as an Army combat veteran with eleven deployments to his credit. Having grown up on ranches he lived with a great appreciation of horses. In his military career he had the great honor of becoming one of the first soldiers in modern times to partner with a horse while in combat training in Ft Carson, Colorado and subsequently deploying to Afghanistan with his equine partner.  John also worked as Thurston County, Washington mounted search and rescue and as a therapeutic riding instructor for fellow disabled veterans with Rainier Therapeutic Riding in Yelm, Washington. He his a member of the Back Country Horsemen and enjoys the freedom and versatility of riding in nature.  John competed in the Extreme Mountain Trail Challenge taking third in the novice division.

After moving to PA, John wanted to continue to expand his skills with horses and after researching several options, applied to Next Level HorsemanshipTM for an internship position.  “I wanted to fulfill my passion for training horses and Next Level HorsemanshipTM had the perfect Program to build my skills and provide opportunities for learning that I might not otherwise have access to.”

“We are very pleased to welcome John to join the NLHTM team of interns.  John is an extremely hard working and committed individual and demonstrates the dedication to his passion that will make him an excellent horseman,” says Suzanne.  John will be participating in the Mustang Million event this summer where he will be putting his NLHTM Training Program skills to the test to gentle and train a wild horse for competition in Fort Worth, TX.  Afterward, John will continue his training internship with Suzanne to discover training across disciplines and with multiple breeds of horses.

Nathaniel Peck

Nate has liked horses for a long time but started riding just two years ago. He apprenticed with a trainer in Northern PA doing primarily barn work, colt starting, and problem solving with horses that lacked the proper foundation training. He later rode with Craig Cameron in four three-day clinics to expand his knowledge and horsemanship skills. “I really liked his horsemanship, but I needed more,” says Nate.”

“I happened to be at the horse expo in 2012 and met Suzanne. When I went back to my trainer I began to give serious thought about riding with Suzanne. I had gotten bucked a bunch of times starting horses in the past and I knew there just had to be a better way to training. When I thought about the relationship that Suzanne had with her horses after seeing her with them at the expo, I immediately decided that I wanted to work with her to learn more about her Training Program.” Nate soon left his position from the ranch and contacted Suzanne about the opportunities within the NLHTM Internship Program. He was very interested in learning the NLHTM Foundations, From the Ground Up. And, he was particularly interested in applying what he learned to the gentling and training of a wild mustang. “When I found out I could participate in a Mustang Makeover as part of my NLHTM Internship Program I was very excited. I applied immediately and am thrilled to be at NLH TM for the summer of 2013!”

NLHTM is happy to welcome Nate to the Internship Program and look forward to seeing his accomplishments with his Mustang in the weeks to come. “I like her horsemanship and look forward to learning more this summer.”

Catherine Beaulieu

Cassie has loved horses for as long as she can remember and has been involved with them for over 20 years. She has a strong passion for teaching and demonstrating to people how to communicate with their horses and enjoys studying and watching how horses interact with each other. ‘I strongly believe that horses have a healing power on the human heart,” says Cassie. This feeling eventually lead Cassie to get her therapeutic riding instructors certificate so that she could help others benefit from equine assisted therapy.

“I am very passionate about mustangs. I have had three in my life and the star in my life now is a mustang mare named Sally. I love telling people about “our story!” I tell people all the time, there is just something very different and special about a mustang. I have not found a better ride yet!” Cassie tamed Sally on her own and has been extremely interested in the mustang breed for a long time. While she had started other horses too, Cassie began to feel as she states, “stuck in the same place in my horsemanship and my riding comfort zone for a long time. Ironically, I was ready to move on to the “Next Level.” I wanted the opportunity to train another mustang, ride some reining horses and learn different approaches to horsemanship.” After seeing Suzanne at the 2010 Equine Affaire with her mustangs Cassie decided that an internship with Next Level HorsemanshipTM would provide the perfect opportunity for growth and learning that she was looking for. “I really wanted to find some place that already had the knowledge and understanding of how horse’s think. Suzanne demonstrates clear, effective communication with horses and I wanted to learn to do that too.”

Next Level HorsemanshipTM is pleased to welcome Cassie into the NLHTM Internship Program. As part of her training here, Cassie will have the opportunity to gentle and train a wild mustang and participate in the New Jersey Extreme Mustang Makeover sponsored by the Mustang Heritage Foundation on August 3rd and 4th of 2013. She will be learning the NLHTM Training Program and putting those skills to test on a wild mustang! In addition, Cassie and the other interns at NLHTM will have opportunities to meet other professionals in the industry, see behind the scenes activities at expos and learn how to show and compete with our performance horses. Welcome aboard Cassie!

Amanda Homan

Amanda Homan is a 2009 graduate from The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Journalism. She is a resident of State College, and lives on a beef cattle farm with her husband, dogs and horses. Amanda has always had a passion for all animals and a special interest in their behavior and training. Though she always wanted a horse growing up, she became involved with dogs and their training first.

Several years ago, Amanda bought a German Shepherd Dog and started training professionally in the sport of Schutzhund (a dog sport comprised of tracking, obedience, and protection). Amanda now regularly trains and competes in this sport with her dogs and several other German Shepherd Dogs which she trains for clients.

In pursuit of her dream of having a horse, Amanda purchased one 2 years ago and began riding for pleasure. Since then, her interest in behavior and training of horses intensified and learning more about their care, and training became a major priority in her life. She had spent years learning about dog training, and was fascinated by the similarities yet the differences when it came to training horses.

With each day she wanted to learn more and Amanda soon discovered Suzanne and the Next Level HorsemanshipTM Training Program when her in-laws decided to send their pony there for training. Amanda frequently came to the training lessons in order to learn and subsequently became a serious volunteer so that she could embody more of the training experience.

Since Amanda has had a lifetime of fascination with animal behavior and training and particularly now with horses, Next Level HorsemanshipTM is right up her alley. Amanda believes in professional training and that clear communication is the key to building any relationship. She is now an intern at Next Level HorsemanshipTM and will continue to learn knowledge and skills in horse training and management that will serve her well in the animal industry.

Please join us in welcoming Amanda Homan to the NLHTM team of Interns!



Sarah is a junior at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA majoring in Animal Sciences. She was introduced to Suzanne and Next Level HorsemanshipTM during her Animal Sciences Careers Course at Penn State where Suzanne gave a presentation about her horsemanship company and training business. “Suzanne grabbed my attention during the presentation and I became very interested in learning more about horsemanship and horse behavior in general because I hadn’t had much equine experience before”, said Sarah. “I applied for her externship program and had an unforgettable week in January 2012. I started volunteering at NLHTM as soon as my externship was over because I wanted to dig deeper into the methods of training horses. Then, I decided to apply for the internship position when it became available.” As part of her internship experience, Sarah participated in the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge, (New Jersey-2012) where, in just 90 days, she gentled, trained and competed with a wild Mustang to test her new-found skills in horsemanship. “Training my mustang has taught me so much about horsemanship and just what it means to develop Partnership, Performance, and Possibilities in horses.”

Next Level HorsemanshipTM is proud to have Sarah Dengler as part of the NLHTM team of interns. She is a remarkable and talented individual and we are delighted to have her on board!


Next Level HorsemanshipTM is proud to welcome Anna Jacob as a new intern and barn manager for 2012.

Anna has had a lifelong passion for horses and horsemanship and is interested in a wide variety of disciplines such as reining, eventing and dressage.

She has a history as an equestrian which includes endurance riding throughout the Mid-Atlantic, competing in Hunter/Jumper events, and giving riding lessons to many at various locations. Recently she began looking for ways to learn more about Natural and Classical Horsemanship – and her search led her to NLHTM.

Anna graduated from The Pennsylvania State University with a major in Toxicology and minors in French and Global Health in May of 2012. She will intern at NLHTM throughout 2012 to gain the experience and knowledge she is looking for as a trainer.

“As a volunteer here last year, Anna proved to have the ability to learn the timing, feel and balance necessary to become a exceptional horsewoman”, says Suzanne. “She is a strong rider and has the rare and raw talent needed to be successful as a horse trainer across disciplines.”

Anna is an exceptional person as well as an equine talent and we are excited to have her join the winning team at NLHTM.

Please join us in welcoming Anna Jacob to Next Level HorsemanshipTM!


Lauren Ross began working at NLH™ while a student at The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.

“I was interested in natural horsemanship methods to improve the relationship and abilities of my horse. I wanted to further improve my skills and learn more about both natural and classical horsemanship, so I became a training apprentice under Suzanne Myers, Founder, NLH™.

I dedicated my time to watching and learning the training techniques of Suzanne, eventually I had learned enough to participate in the training program with my own horse. As my training techniques improved, so did the relationship with my horse.”

During her training at NLH TM, Lauren had the opportunity to compete in various events including the 2009 Extreme Mustang Makeover, Eastern Stampede, in Murfreesboro, TN and the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover in Fort Worth, TX. She had 100 days to gentle and train a wild mustang in three areas; in-hand, (obstacles and trailer loading), under saddle, and a free-style competition to showcase specialty trick training and riding skills.

Lauren was a top 10 finalist among 100 other national competitors with her mustang, Durango, at the TN event and was a formidable contender in Fort Worth placing 28th overall out of more than 100 entries.

In addition to training horses, Lauren’s experiences at NLH™ included instructing others in the NLH™ Program, assisting with clinics and demonstrations at equine expositions throughout the country, and learning marketing and event management strategies.

After 2 years as a NLHTM apprentice Lauren worked as an assistant trainer for NLHTM for another 2 years and is now beginning her own business as a horse trainer in western Pennsylvania where she will be helping others to have fun and success with their horses. Best Wishes Lauren!

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